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The majority of ants prefer warm and sunny climates, and the climate here in Florida is the ideal environment for ants to thrive in. Ants are pretty much everywhere, it's difficult to walk more than a few steps without stepping on an ant. Worldwide there are up to 15,000 species of ants, and just North America alone has around 1000 known ant species. The most common ant species found in the U.S. include the following:

Common Ant Species:

  • Black House ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Pharaoh’s ants
  • Bulldog or bull ants
  • Garden ants
  • Fire ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Ghost ants

When ants get into your home they can become quite a nuisance. As for Black House ants and Garden ants, while these 2 species of ants aren't known for carrying diseases, they do forage around outside getting into and walking over things that you probably wouldn't want brought into your food cupboards. Ants will travel quite a good distance in search for food, while following established trails to and from that food source. Typically ants will start to cluster around that food source bringing even more ants in on the action which can become quite a nuisance in homes and businesses.

preventative measures to keep ants away!

  • Look for entry points where ants could find their way in and seal them off.
  • check outside around your property for anthills, these mounds are easy to spot as they are made of soil and have a hole in the middle.
  • make sure not to leave food out on porches and tables as ants will pretty much eat anything, especially sweet food products.
  • never leave foodstuff out that could be a potential food source for ants, if possible try to cover all food or seal it inside of a container.

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Our Ant Control Service

If you have tried to solve your ant problem on your own using ant removal products with no success, chances are you have a larger ant problem that will require a professional pest control expert to remove your ant problem.

Orlando Pest Control will solve your ant problem fast and efficiently, and our ant removal solutions are completely safe for you, your family and pets as well.

We provide ant control methods that are designed and made to target specific ant species. So regardless the type of ant, or the number of ants, rest assured we have an ant removal solution for any ant problem.

Ant Removal

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are the most difficult to control and they are very large in size, these ants invade properties quite commonly. These ants spread fast are usually found traveling via paths made by downspouts, water hoses and by way of edges or corners on the exterior of a building or structure.

To begin the ant control process, our ant removal technicians will identify any and all ant nests and colonies. While there are many kinds of ant bait and killing products available, the most reliable and efficient method for killing carpenter ants are barrier and nest treatments. It is also common to apply perimeter treatments to the exterior of buildings and structures.

House Ants

If we indentify that you have an infestation of house ants, the ant removal technician will be able to track them down by the distinctive trails they make leading to their nest. Common house ant nests are located outside in just about all cases. These particular ants will march into your home and cover great distances to find water and food for their colony.

Once the colony's nests and trails have been found, a treatment will be applied to them. To make certain that no new trails have been created after our initial ant removal treatment, we suggest a follow-up appointment should be scheduled about a week later.

Red Ants or Fire Ants

Red ants also known as Fire ants have been a nuisance to many homeowners all throughout the southern states and especially here in Florida. The specie of ants was imported from South America back in 1933, and these mean insects are well known for their large numbers and the painful sting they inflict on people and pets.

If you notice large mounds made up of soil, then chances are you have a Fire ant infestation. If you happen to disturb one of these mounds we suggest that you back away ASAP, Fire ants will start to emerge in massive numbers and will start to crawl over and onto anything nearby including you. Pretty soon you will see red ants by the thousands swarming around the mound to protect and rebuild it.

The most effective solution for killing Red ants is by applying a treatment or bait near the mounds. The fire ants will start to feed on this bait, then return back to the colony. Once the queen fire ant feeds on this bait, the queen will die and the entire ant colony will collapse and die.

It is highly recommended that fire ants are treated early in spring in order to decrease the possibility of major fire ant infestation.